Custom Spacers and Alignment Plates wheel spacers

Strand Spacers

Strand Spacers in virgin HDPE. Many configurations from 2 strand to 24 strand with or without grout tube holes. rebar caps wheel spacers centralizers us manufacturing

Strand Alignment Plates

Alignment plates fabricated in HDPE . Any hole pattern configuration from 2 strand to 96 strand with or without grout tube holes. Any thickness 1/4" to 2".

Soil Anchor Caps and Covers

End caps and covers, custom sizes with or without grease fittings.

Corrugated Centralizers

External Centralizers for corrugated pipe 

Stressing Head and Pulling Head Alignment Plates

Do you have a need for custom fabricated alignment plates?

Custom Fabrication

Do you need something different ? Something special? We can help.